• To provide a professional quality building service from initial client brief through to completion.

  • To provide detailed and thorough estimates at the initial design stage but to also manage costs and provide the customer with cash flow forecasts throughout the project.

  • To commence and complete works to agreed timescales.

  • To be on site at all times with a motivated and highly skilled workforce, to operate in a clean and tidy manner and to ensure high standards of health and safety are maintained at all times.

We take an enormous amount of pride in our work and enjoy the relationships we have with our clients. All projects are run in a professional manner from inception to completion. Our estimates come with a fully detailed schedule to ensure that each client knows exactly what is and isn’t included before we commence work.

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We provide experienced project management, detailed cashflow forecasts detailing the payments required, and update any changes to the costs as work progresses.

All of the above ensures that throughout your project, you know exactly what is going on, who is due on site and when payments are required. We recognise that having building work undertaken can be a very stressful time. This can often be one of the biggest purchases of your life and therefore we not only want to ensure you are completely satisfied with the end result, we would also like you to enjoy the process along the way.

Environment and sustainability – We are committed to working as efficiently as possible, we register our sites with the site waste management plan, and also the Considerate Constructors scheme. We recycle where possible, and ensure waste is kept to an absolute minimum. We also purchase materials where possible from sustainable sources, all our timber is purchased from PEFC certified merchants. We also have an environmental policy which is available if required.





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